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ILO progresses workplace regulations in Kenya’s textile sector

The International Labour Organisation (ILO), in collaboration with various stakeholders, has made notable progress in enhancing compliance with labour standards and safeguarding workers’ rights within Kenya’s textile industry. This endeavor is part of the ILO’s All Hands in Kenya (AHK) project, which underscores the pivotal role of effective labor market institutions and robust laws in nurturing productive and harmonious employment relations.

Recognizing the significance of efficient dispute resolution and grievance management, the ILO facilitated the formulation of a comprehensive Code of Practice for workplace compliance in Kenya. This initiative entailed cooperation among the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE), the Central Organisation of Trade Unions, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

The Code of Practice delineates clear definitions and terminology for grievance handling, charts the progression of grievance mechanisms in Kenya, and delineates pertinent legal frameworks and international labor standards. Moreover, it incorporates best practices, serving as a valuable resource for collective bargaining and bolstering social partnerships.

Acknowledging that conflicts are inherent in employment relationships, the Code of Practice aims to institute effective processes for preventing and resolving disputes. Such processes are crucial for mitigating workplace conflicts and their adverse impacts, thereby fostering a fair and equitable work environment.

The institutionalization of the Code of Practice represents a significant milestone in advancing workplace compliance within Kenya’s textile sector, according to the ILO. Additionally, aside from advocacy, training, and representation, the FKE remains actively involved in tripartite consultations with the government and labor organizations, addressing both labor market concerns and broader economic and social policies.

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