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EU’s Q3 imports fall 18.5% by value & 17.7% by volume

In the period between July and September 2023, the EU’s clothing imports continued to fall, with a decline of 18.5 percent year on year by value and a drop of 17.7 percent from a year ago period by volume.

In the third quarter of the current year, the EU’s clothing imports from Turkey decreased 25.8 percent year over year by volume, mainly impacted by the rebound of the lira exchange rate.

In the quarter under review, imports from China slipped 17.9 percent by volume and 24 percent by value, while those from Bangladesh slipped 16 and 22 percent by volume and value, respectively.

In the third quarter, the unit price of Turkish garment imports fell 8.4 percent year over year in Euro terms, while those in China and Bangladesh dipped 14.4 and 14 percent, respectively, also in Euros.

Although China’s market share has decreased, China was still the largest source of supply for EU apparel in the third quarter, with Bangladesh ranking second.

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