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Friday, February 23, 2024

Nishat Mills to establish dedicated denim unit in Faisalabad

Lahore  based Nishat Mills, which is owned by Nishat Group, will continue to invest in denim and workwear in fiscal 2024, as per briefing of the company to media.

Nishat Mills Limited the textile arm of Nishat group is one of the largest and most prominent textile companies in Pakistan. It operates as a vertically integrated textile manufacturer, involved in various segments of the textile industry, including spinning, weaving, processing, and stitching.

The the company has been actively involved in the production of denim fabric. It is essential to note that Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile commonly used for making jeans and other clothing. Nishat Textiles has capitalized on the global demand for denim products and has established itself as a significant player in this market.

The company has a diverse product range, including various types of denim fabrics, and it caters to both the domestic and international markets. Nishat Textiles has been known for producing high-quality denim that meets international standards.

The mill’s denim expansion plans include establishing a dedicated Faisalabad unit. Nishat’s total investment across the board already totalled $35.2 million or 10 billion Pakistani rupees as of September 2023.

The business acquired Danish denim and workwear clothing and fabric supplier Wernerfelt earlier this year. It also commissioned a 9.86-megawatt solar farm, among other projects.

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