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Fabritex together with their partners Asutex-Bozzetto Group” and Macsa Id at Gtex Exhibition

Fabritex has come into play as one-window solution provider for the entire textile industry. Producing high-end chemical products, and a major supplier of all key textile products, Fabritex specializes in wide range of auxiliary chemicals of semi-finished and finished products for processing of the textiles such as fiber, yarn, fabric and garment. With a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility, they are working diligently to integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations. We continually explore innovative solutions and technologies that align with our commitment to sustainability.

Fabritex with their partners “Asutex-Bozzetto Group” & Macsa Id from Spain and Italy consecutively at Gtex exhibition present exceptional product range and technical services in Pakistani textile industry. Technical experts are leading the informational exchange relevant to their auxiliary products, dyes and laser machinery to the textile giants in Lahore & Karachi.

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