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German home and contract textiles show Heimtextil to focus on Sleep in 2020

With the anti-snoring app, Auping delivers a new solution for snorers.

Heimtextil is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles, and will
next be held in Frankfurt from 7th to the 10th of January, 2020. Studies show that an increasing number of people are not sleeping properly. Researchers cite stress, noise, increasing light pollution and the permanent availability of smartphones and the like as the causes. Heimtextil is once again making a restorative night’s sleep a key topic in order to bolster dealers’ expertise on the subject of sleep.

The number of people sleeping badly or too little has been increasing for many years now. This was published in a report published in 2019 by the health insurance company Barmer that focused on sleep disorders. According to the report, in 2017, one million employed people were diagnosed with disorders in falling asleep and sleeping through the night. This comprises an increase of 111% within twelve years, say the authors, who also estimate that the number of cases going unreported is actually far higher.

More and more people are suffering from the consequences of a lack of sleep, i.e. concentration and metabolic disorders, a weakened immune system and even cardiovascular problems. Many people are asking themselves: how can I sleep better and more healthily? At the upcoming Heimtextil, around 150 international major players in the industry and start-ups will present solutions in the product segment “Smart Bedding” in Hall 11.

“Sleep! The Future Forum”: knowledge transfer and product launches
An in-depth programme of lectures will also take place in Hall 11 titled “Sleep! The Future Forum.” Bed dealers and hospitality enthusiasts in particular will be presented with valuable information from the industry, science, and research. Prof Ingo Fietze, sleep expert at Berlin’s Charité, Sleep Coach Nick Littlehales and Olympic Luge Champion Susi Erdmann will talk about market trends and new developments for a better night’s sleep in the thematic blocks of digital, sport, hospitality, sustainability and interior design.

The forum will also present product innovations by renowned companies: Auping, Hästens, and Ikea. They will launch new beds or technology and software solutions for the bedroom.

Auping: well-rested thanks to anti-snoring app
With the new development by the Cologne-based Heimtextil exhibitor Auping, all those who suffer from snoring should get a healthier night’s rest. Together with product and software specialists, the company has developed an anti-snoring app. The market for this should be considerable according to current figures from the Techniker Krankenkasse health insurance company, 20% to 46% of all men in middle to old age and 25% women snore. “Snoring has a great impact on everyday life. Those who snore a lot won’t enjoy a rested start to the day,” says Anna Havermann, marketing manager at Auping. She states that they wanted to develop an unobtrusive anti-snoring solution that, in contrast to sleep masks or special mouth braces, would be barely noticed during sleep. This is how the smart aid works – the app linked to the bed, measures the decibel level reached by the user’s snoring. Once an adjustable maximum volume is reached, the app notifies the mechanically adjustable bed that raises the back section slightly to open up the airways. Or it can briefly move the whole bed to cause the snorer to change position.

Royal bed: Heimtextil exhibitor Hästens has twice been granted a royal warrant by the Swedish royal family.

Hästens: a good night’s sleep crafted by hand
Hästens, the oldest bed manufacturer in Sweden, will present a compact central European bed at Heimtextil that, with its three spring systems and a mattress, consists of 37 layers of various natural materials, including linen, cotton, wool and horsehair. “We want to combine traditional craftsmanship, the joy of innovation and natural materials with promoting good sleep over the long term,” says Jan Ryde, CEO of the family company that was founded in 1852. The company, which has already been granted a royal warrant twice by the Swedish royal family, has proven that the combination of craftsmanship and innovative strength works, particularly in the development of the pocket sprung mattress. Ryde has not revealed which bed the king of Sweden sleeps on, but says, “Our beds are appreciated by celebrities all over the world.” However, the company will not divulge any information about their sleeping preferences, and understandably so.

Ikea presents its new design for the bedroom at Heimtextil.

Ikea: democratic design in the bedroom
In addition to presenting the latest bed models, Ikea Germany will also be giving a lecture at ‘Sleep! The Future Forum.’ “The importance of sleep for health and well-being is under appreciated,” states Sandra Schwertfeger, interior design manager at the Swedish furniture giant. She adds with certainty, “We want to show how textiles can contribute to healthier sleep.” The ethos is: what can good sleep do for your life and what can your home do for your sleep? The typical Ikea ‘democratic design’ plays a role in this: modern, sustainable and cheap furnishing solutions for the bedroom that support people in improving their nightly rest and consequently, their lives.



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