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ISPO Munich celebrates 50th anniversary in 2020

50 years of sporting goods exhibitions under one roof…

The world’s leading sports trade fair, 2020 marks 50 years of ISPO Munich. The 2020 fair will be held in Munich between 26th and 29th of January, titled “Be responsible.” For 50 years, the exhibition has been driving the industry’s development while also introducing innovative products in the sporting world and generating fresh impetus in the industry. The upcoming event will feature special anniversary activities.

In addition to the trade fair highlights, visitors will also be given an insight into further anniversary activities and events which are planned to take place throughout 2020.

“For 50 years we have been creating valuable connections, bringing the world of sports together in one place for four days and passionately driving the development of sport,” said Markus Hefter, exhibition director for ISPO Munich. “Our goal is to create enthusiasm for sports in each of us and at the same time to create awareness for a sustainable approach to nature.”

Sustainability, whether in relation to production processes or materials, has been a long-running issue for sporting goods manufacturers for many years and is gaining more and more importance due to the social discussion. For the first time ever, the Sustainability Hub located in Hall A2, will present a concise overview of sustainable produced sports products in a separate, dedicated exhibition area.

Visitors can find out how passion for sports can be raised and how the global lack of physical activity can be actively countered within the topic ‘Health, exercise and sport.’ Numerous activities are planned, including both presentations and live demonstrations on stage.

Yoga professionals, for example, will be demonstrating how people can inject energy into their everyday lives simply with some gentle exercise in the Body & Mind Village in hall b3. The Outdoor Snow & Safety Summit in Hall A3 will be all about responsible, careful approaches to outdoor activities whereby experts will be providing attendees with useful information regarding safety both on and off the slopes.

Outside the realm of traditional sport, eSports have developed into an important sector of the sports industry boasting a large global fan base and incredible growth figures. The East Entrance at ISPO Munich will be the perfect place to discover more about this new and popular sports and the opportunities it could hold for the sports industry and to even try out some of the games for yourself.

Numerous innovative new products have been unveiled and launched in recent years at ISPO Munich. The ISPO Brandnew Village in hall b5 will be highlighting the up-and-coming trends expected to take the start-up scene by storm next year. The standout innovative products created by established sporting goods manufacturers will be showcased as part of the ISPO Award in hall b1.

Innovation requires inspiration, and this will be provided by the ISPO Academy with its extensive conference programme at the West Entrance. Presentations will be given on various subjects, including digitalisation and the Chinese sports market.



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