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High-quality finishes for upholstery fabrics and home decor

Up-holstery the everlasting fil-rouge 
When it comes to making a choice in home décor, the one thing to bear in mind is following an aesthetic fil-rouge – even one that is not eye-catching, but that you can definitely feel is there. The same is true for any other space that plays an important role in our lives, like an office, for example. Quite often, fabrics are a key element of customization and thus the one our attention should revolve around. And fabrics also mean upholstery.

Textures and colors are surely the two fabric features that catch our attention, but we rarely reflect that they are intrinsically tied when it comes to their perceived quality. And quality means that fabrics must both be long-lasting and have an incredible hand while combining beauty and comfort, in order for upholstery to follow a top-quality fil-rouge.

Now, let’s get to it, as none of this is possible if fabrics are not properly previously treated. That is when Biancalani Textile Machinery makes its appearance on the market. Fabrics must be processed in very specific ways in order to reach the desired results and the textile finishing processes can be the very heart of it. What we definitely don’t want is a stiff, “carton-like” fabric to the hand, with a dull, flat look which is far from that aesthetic we all look for in home décor. Besides, the fabrics is likely to lose elasticity, especially due to the necessary sewing for upholstery. 

With an efficient and cost-effective open-width continuous finishing process we obtain a controlled shrinkage and the opening of the chenille, ensuring those top-quality features such as softness, volume, uniformity and evenness of surface – that is an incredible hand  and tridimensionality, depth and richness of colors.Only AIRO®24, patented by Biancalani awarded with the Green Label, the original dryer for continuous and open-width tumbling treatments of woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics, ensures the so-called AIRO®HAND effect that includes all the listed features – and many others, all information are available on the dedicated webpage – thanks to a uniform and even distribution of steam for a treatment that is 100% ecological. The process is energy-efficient for a number of reasons, such as its evaporation capacityhigh production capacity and processing speed.

The technological division of Biancalani studies the solutions that are most suitable for each type of treatment and for different clients’ needs, as customization is the key to success, behind the scenes above all. Because it is precisely what happens behind the scenes that makes it possible to align textures with colors. That makes the above-mentioned fil-rouge a real possibility and the gateway to harmonious spaces. Those spaces the end customer can be willing to pay an extra for.

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