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Huge variation in Zara clothing in Spain and UK

The retail rates of same clothing by big brands differ by a big margin particularly that of Zara but investigation by a media group found that besides Zara similar pricing structures apply for other members of the same group, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear and Uterqüe.

Consumers that want to go on holiday prepared with some good outfits, are advised that they could save money on the same clothes with some advice that goes against conventional wisdom.

For instance if tourists are heading to Spain this summer they might get some of their holiday clothes from Zara, they might be better off waiting until they are over there. The Spanish company sells items much cheaper over there – whether it’s women’s, men’s or kids’ clothes.

Consumers can search prices in English on their Spanish website to get an idea of how much you’d save. It was found big potential savings on about every item consumers look at – and the savings are even bigger than usual, with the pound reaching a two-year high against the euro recently.

For example, this white mini dress with ruffled hem is €27.95 in Spain but £32.99 (or €38.74). A black dress described as “flowing voluminous” is €29.95 over there, but £35.99 (€42.27) in the UK. These men’s “balloon fit” jeans are €35.95 in Spain, but £45.99 (€54.01) in the UK. A double-breasted blazer suit and trousers is €129.9 in Spain, but in the UK you’d pay £158.99 (€186.72). Finally, a ruffled gingham kids’ jumpsuit is €22.95 compared with £25.99 (€30.52).

A Zara spokesperson told the media group: “Zara’s fashion offer is the same in the over 200 markets where it is available: quality, well-designed products at compelling prices. “These prices do vary between markets due to a number of factors which include shipping costs and exchange rates.”

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