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More sustainable spinning with Autocoro 11 & Belcoro rotors 

When it comes to rotor spinning, recycled raw materials and the Autocoro make a good team. The majority of Autocoro spinning mills already process numerous sustainable raw materials, and the trend is rising. The Autocoro 11 with Recycling Xtreme equipment, the new spin box SE 21 and a cleverly selected Belcoro spinning component  combination now opens up even more opportunities for companies to skilfully combine economic efficiency and sustainability aspects.

Not only with the Autocoro 11, but with all Autocoro generations, the choice of spinning components, especially the rotors, is crucial for successful recycling processing. Belcoro rotors with an optimum groove shape for the fibres, rotor coating, either as a 3D boride diamond coating or as a pure boride coating and the appropriate rotor diameter leave nothing to be desired. There are no universal rotors for recycling, the blend used is decisive. For sustainable textiles, Autocoro yarns are just as popular as a blend of recycled polyester with waste from the spinning mill as they are as a blend with raw cotton or mechanically recycled cotton from the pre-consumer sector. Regardless of which blends will set the tone in the future, with Autocoro, especially with the new Autocoro 11, you are helping to make the world of yarns more sustainable.

The BD 8 with automatic package doffer (DU) was shown for the very first time at ITMA Asia + CITME. The semi-automatic rotor spinning machine BD 8 is an ideal partner in the field of recycling and waste spinning and offered either as a standard version or as an energy-saving version with Twinsuction. The BD 8 is available with different levels of automation for bobbin removal, depending on the needs of the spinning mill. The semi-automatic bobbin removal system allows full packages to be changed at the touch of a button. The ergonomic solution allows operators to change packages easily. The new automatic package doffer (DU) changes the full packages with an empty tube without interrupting the spinning process. The packages are changed in 10 seconds. The yarn reserve is individually adjustable. Equipped with up to four doffers, the BD 8 provides sufficient doffing capacity even for coarse yarns. The result of our individual, customized solutions is increased productivity, reduced manpower and consistent quality.

With the Recycling Xtreme (rX edition), the new Autocoro 11 is tailor-made for recycled fibres. But for your existing machinery also, processing challenging and recycled materials is no longer a challenge with our Recycling Xtreme updates and upgrades. With the Synchropiecing upgrade, yarn breaks are no problem, as the feature enables up to 36 parallel piecing processes at several spinning positions simultaneously. The machine start-up is also accelerated by this upgrade. If you are experiencing increased contamination due to fibre fly and dirt deposits when spinning recycled materials, we recommend retrofitting additional DCUs with our new-patented interval-controlled rotor cleaning and additionally installing a VTC (Vacuum Trash Cleaner) on the trash removal conveyor belt. Our Belcoro spinning components provide high-precision and in-house coated technology parts for almost every application, ensuring that no customer wish goes unfulfilled. The new exchangeable fibre beard supports with a patented quick-change system fit perfect for recycled materials. Depending on the nature of the raw material, they can be replaced during production without tools, saving time. Look forward to more rX Extreme upgrades in 2024, like upgrading the new patented rX yarn guides on the winding head or the new trash removal systems, both developed specifically for recycled fibres. 

Zinser 51 ring spinning machine: Higher Speed, energy-saving,  more Flexibility, and reliability
During ITMA Asia, Saurer presented Zinser 51 ring spinning machine, which includes both conventional ring spinning and compact spinning. The machine received high acknowledgement from visiting customers due to its higher speed, energy saving, more flexibility and stability. 
The use of special components that allow for high-speed operation while reducing energy consumption. This results in increased production and greater economic benefits for customers. Additionally, Zinser 51 is more sustainable as it has lower labor cost and energy consumption, meeting environmental protection requirements and saving costs for customers while enhancing their competitiveness. Moreover, Zinser 51 with Easyspin touchscreen, which allows for easy adjustment of all drafting drive parameters without any additional maintenance, makes the operation more convenient and adaptable to different customers’ needs, improving machine’s efficiency and product quality. By adopting NF²D middle drive technology, stable yarn quality is ensured. This is particularly important in the textile industry as stable quality is the foundation for winning market competitive advantage.

The new Autocard SC7M has stood out during ITMA Asia, impressing visitors with its high efficient carding capacity, advanced automation, and modern exterior design. Its droppings detection and automatic adjustment system enhance the utilization rate of fibres, particularly when processing recycled fibres, resulting in increased customer’s profitability. Whether in terms of machine’s efficiency or sliver quality, Autocard SC7M is an ideal choice for spinning mills.

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