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New cost-benefit champion in glass processing

KARL MAYER Technische Textilien launches the new MAX GLASS ECO, a highly economical composite machine with a focus on standard non-crimp fabrics made of glass fibers.

Ralf Schramm. The Sales Manager

The wind power sector is a key industry for the climate-important energy transition, but it needs efficient value creation processes to realize its potential. KARL MAYER Technische Textilien makes an important contribution to this.

The innovative company based in Chemnitz develops, among other things, multiaxial warp knitting machines on which glass non-crimp fabrics are produced to reinforce the composites for rotor blades. A new machine will be launched this spring. The newcomer is called MAX GLASS ECO and impresses with its perfect price-performance ratio.

It is a true best-of-all-products. The MAX GLASS ECO incorporates proven solutions from the KARL MAYER GROUP’s range of multiaxial machines, including features from its predecessor, the MAXTRONIC®, and combines these with sophisticated new technical developments. The result is a production machine for the extremely economical manufacture of standard glass fiber articles, especially non-crimp fabrics for the wind power industry.

An economical machine with a focus on standard applications for glass fiber use
With the MAX GLASS ECO, KARL MAYER Technische Textilien is optimizing its product portfolio for glass processing and thus its market approach: every customer receives the right product for their business strategy. When it comes to demanding applications with a wide range of technical adaptations, the COP MAX 4 is in demand. The performance spectrum of this proven machine can be modified with numerous options to suit market requirements.

If the focus is on the highly productive manufacture of goods for standard applications made exclusively from glass fibers, the new MAX GLASS ECO comes into play. The multiaxial warp knitting machine is extremely efficient, affordable and, unlike the previous MAXTRONIC®, sufficiently flexible thanks to various optional functions. At a rotational speed of up to 1,800 min-1, a maximum output of 410 m/h is achieved.

Best-of-all product consisting of proven solutions and new developments
The MAX GLASS ECO is available with a working width of 101″ and is suitable for laying angles of +/-45°. A complementary layering system ensures a uniform take-up speed and therefore gentle processing of the fiber material. This sophisticated weft tension compensation device is one of a whole series of tried and tested features of KARL MAYER multiaxial technology that have been integrated into the new machine. Other adopted solutions include the Fiber Chopping Unit, which allows glass fiber chips to be introduced into the laying process and thus cover more fields of application, and a single pin transport chain for a processing method with less waste.

Newly developed innovations also ensure even better performance, including the fixed layer system, which ensures extremely high placement precision at all laying angles.

Other equipment details with added value for the customer include a conveyor belt across the full working width, the walking needle system, which prevents the formation of lanes even with long stitch lengths, and the fitting of single compound needles, which can be changed efficiently.

Very good response on the market
The new machine has been very well received on the market. The MAX GLASS ECO was presented at JEC World from March 5 to 7, 2024 in Paris with presentation material and was a crowd puller. The feedback from numerous customer visits in Eastern Europe and India was also very promising.

“Customers are particularly impressed by the short amortization times. The high performance of the machine is combined with an extremely attractive price. We are sensing a great deal of interest on the market,” says Ralf Schramm. The Sales Manager at KARL MAYER Technische Textilien had already registered numerous customers for a presentation of the machine at the company’s development center in April. The MAX GLASS ECO was also an important topic of discussion at Techtextil from April 23 to 26, 2024 in Frankfurt am Main.

For Asian customers, a MAX GLASS ECO is available for performance demonstrations at KARL MAYER (CHINA) in Changzhou.

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