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New Hemp fiber crop initiative by EAC Technologies


EAC, Earth Alive Clean Technologies has announced launch of clean fiber initiative. EAC is the developer of microbial tech based products for sustainable agriculture and mining.

Hemp fiber crop is an excellent option for crop rotation. It has low water requirements as compared to other crops and for farm soils it is highly regenerative. Increasing hemp production will require high number of acres as well as maximized crop yield and quality.

Cotton is the most widespread natural fiber crop but it poses serious challenges like soil degradation, pesticide contamination and water depletion.

Mr Michael Warren, CEO, Earth Alive said, “We put soil health at the centre of our work and we are confident that our Soil First platform will allow producers to improve the productivity of their fibre cultures, while reducing the net impact on the environment. By involving existing growers in the development of application protocols and in the evaluation of our products, we can monitor crop performance across a range of factors that are important to them. We are also looking at hemp seed and oil production. Additionally, one of our sites will monitor the changes in cannabidiol (“CBD”) levels in the plants; with legislative changes underway CBD extraction derived from hemp is expected to increase significantly in the future.”



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