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PCMC to bring its Meridian laser anilox cleaner


Attendees may visit the PCMC booth anytime to watch as the Meridian quickly deep-cleans anilox cells by using a laser to remove deposited particles inside of the cells. This cleaning technology extends the life of anilox rolls and does not require any chemicals, sodium bicarbonate, polymer beads, water or detergents—making it a sustainable cleaning technology with a very low environmental impact. PCMC’s newest Meridian models are designed for the narrow web market and include a new internal traversing vacuum system.

“We’re very excited to welcome people into our booth to view the new innovations on our Meridian firsthand,” said Rodney Pennings, PCMC’s Printing, Coating and Laminating Sales Director. “I think they’ll be impressed by its technology, speed and effectiveness.”

Maintaining clean anilox rolls is crucial to your printing quality. Our Meridian laser anilox cleaner deep cleans the anilox cells using a powerful laser that vaporizes deposited particles inside of the cells. It deeply cleans chrome and ceramic rolls of any line screen. The result is a superior clean, improved print quality and a longer life for your anilox rolls.

The Meridian laser anilox cleaner- formerly known as Graphbury Machines- is now backed by the full commitment and global reach of PCMC and Barry-Wehmiller’s engineering, sales and service.

This collaboration has resulted in significant enhancements to the product

– Fourth-generation, patent pending laser diode technology
– Faster cleaning cycles
– Longer laser life
– Improved auto-focus system
– Increased cleaning pattern uniformity
– Upgraded internal air extraction system
– Secure internet tunnel provisions for remote support
– Larger operator touch screen
– Enhanced, integrated LED push buttons
– Updated software
– Reduced energy consumption

What makes our laser anilox cleaner better then our competitors? We engineer, manufacture, test, install and service our machines. We are not an agent that resells a laser cleaner that has been made somewhere else. We see every Meridian laser anilox cleaner from conception to completion.



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