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Regenerative Agriculture initiative launched last year to produce 1225 ton of cotton fiber

A 5000-acre project launched last year under Soorty Regenagri Initiative (SRI) is expected to yield 1225 ton of cotton fiber this year, the yield will come from 1100 small farmers who were facilitated through REEDS.

It is a project in which a Pakistani exporter joined hands with a Pakistani non-profit organization the Rural Education and Economic Development Society, also based in Pakistan. Earlier such initiatives were supported by international non-profit entities.

First initiated last year, the 5,000-acre project “isn’t just about maintaining the status quo, it’s about actively improving soil health and biodiversity”, commented SRI lead, Dr Muhammad Yousaf an agronomist. “We’re proving that ecological restoration and premium cotton production are not mutually exclusive goals.”

The participation of female farmers is actively encouraged, since they often form the backbone of rural communities, Soorty said, circling back to its partnership with REEDS. “With SRI, we’re not just sourcing better cotton, we’re investing in the well-being of entire communities,” underscored executive director, Ebru Debbag. “This ethical approach resonates with our customers.”

Auditors from Control Union have been engaged to ensure “the highest standards of regenerative agriculture”, whereas demonstration plots have been established to provide a hands-on learning environment.

Digital tracing technologies also track and document the fibre “from seed to fabric”.

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