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Save the date for ITCPE 2025 in May 2025

The 19th Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing, and Printing Industry Expo concluded (hereafter referred as “ITCPE”) successfully on May 22, 2024, at the PWTC Expo in Guangzhou. ITCPE is one of the most influential professional exhibitions in the apparel and textile printing industries, which covers the whole industry chain of garment-manufacturing. The event has always adhered to the principle of innovative development and win-win cooperation, focusing on creating a trading platform for printing, embroidery, and sewing equipment, printing materials, and accessories, and is committed to providing a communication and display platform for domestic and foreign manufacturers.

This edition, with 6,00 exhibitors covers the arena of automotive textile printing machine, industry-class textile printing and digital DTG equipment, personalized customization solutions, consumables, accessories, DTF solutions, sewing equipment and related consumables, which present a microcosm of the new technologies, equipment, materials, and concepts in the industry.

  1. Domestic and international visiting groups paid attention to ITCPE
    In the 19 edition of ITCPE, multiple visiting groups home and abroad gathered together with their passion for this industry, witness the event. It is an enormous recognition for the program in terms of attention.
  2. Larger scale & more exhibitors
    With more than 600 exhibitors and 35,000 professional visitors, this edition has more than 45,000 sqm of exhibition space. The exhibiting area covers from textile printing, sewing, embroidery, accessories, consumables, and materials. You can find any part of the industry in ITCPE.
  3. Splendid concurrent Forum brings wisdom all over the world
    The concurrent forum infused great vitality to ITCPE. Many industry insiders and scholars gathered together to explore the cutting-edge technologies and developmental trends of the industry. Frequent Q&A can be seen on-site during the forum, which brings different people’s wisdom together.
  4. Record high On-site transaction rate
    In this three-day program, exhibitors had a deep communication and cooperation with visitors. The transaction rate got record high and many exhibitors gave their thumbs-up to us and they expected continuous growth in the next event.
  5. Fourstar Gala Dinner
    On the first day of the event, the “Fourstar Gala Dinner” sponsored by Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. welcomed guests from all over the world. This was not only a great opportunity for different people to exchange ideas but also a grand event for the industry. People from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Turkey, Pakistan, etc. gathered together to share the joy of this event and seek more possibilities.

The gala dinner was mainly sponsored by Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Also much thankfulness to Guangzhou Mounatainwood New Materials Co., Ltd. as our Platinum Sponsor and Guangzhou Sangong Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. as the Overseas Delegates Reception Sponsor.

At the Gala Dinner, the organizers also specially recognized a series of outstanding partners and strategic partners, and presented them with boards. These partners include the Zhuji Computerized Embroidery Machine Industry Association, Ho Chi Minh City Textile and Garment – Embroidery Association, Binh Duong Textile and Apparel Associaton, Zhongshan Textile Engineering Society, Anyang Licheng Printing Industry Park, Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), Chengdu Garment (Apparel) Industry Association, Cao County Digital Printing Association, Zibo Traditional Industry Development Center; Guangdong Textile Engineering Society, Haicheng Printing Industry Association,, etc. The award ceremony not only expressed our gratitude but also showcased the infinite possibilities for future cooperation.

Meanwhile, the Gala Diner also witnessed the signing ceremony between PERAGA EXPO and Hong Kong Allallinfo Media Group. This strategic cooperation hints that both parties will continue to work together to bring more enterprises to Indonesian market and build up the industry together.

As the banquet progressed, the atmosphere gradually warmed up. Friends from all over the world raised their glasses to drink and talk about friendship and cooperation.

6. Compliments from Visitors and Exhibitors
After the conclusion of this edition of ITCPE, we received enormous compliments from visitors and exhibitors. They considered this event an unforgettable program for them because of the larger scale, more exhibitors, foreign exhibitors and high on-site transaction rate. They all placed a high value on ITCPE and they even booked the booth in advance for more on-site orders.

The successful conclusion of the 2024 (The 19th) Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing, and Printing Expo marks the opening of a new chapter in industry exchange and cooperation. We wish all exhibitors and visitors a prosperous future and a shared bright future!
We also look forward to seeing you again next year on May 19th at the same venue (Guangzhou PWTC Expo)!

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