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Stäubli to demonstrate automated systems at Exintex 2018


At Exintex in Mexico, Stäubli will exhibit its solutions for workflow automation, shedding for frame and jacquard weaving, automated weaving preparation and sock knitting.

SAFIR S40 – automatic drawing in for denim and gray material warps
Stäubli with the SAFIR S40 automated drawing-in installation offers time saving in the weaving preparation process of cotton fabrics. This machine features Active Warp Control (AWC) technology and assures one stroke drawing in into drop wires, reed and healds which results in perfectly aligned yarns without crossed or double ends. If needed, the installation allowed optimized workflow planning which includes just in time preparation. This flexible machine is easily integrated in any weaving mill.

High-speed frame weaving solutions for standard woven applications
The broad range of Stäubli dobbies and cam motions include ideal machines for any type of weft insertion system for any application. The latest S3200 and S3000 series of rotary dobbies incorporates a new locking system. This feature for heald frame selection provides enhanced security which allows higher running speeds, superior reliability and less vibration and noise. The Stäubli weaving installations efficiency has further increased with its recently launched maintenance free harness motions.

Extremely reliable Jacquard machines for high-quality fabrics
Mills can choose from Stäubli’s wide and competitive range of jacquard weaving machines. The SX model is wear reistant, robust and requires minimum maintenance. It is available in two formats 2,688 or 1,408 hooks, the machine supports excellent results in the form of e.g. apparel fabrics, terry cloth or seat cover fabrics.

For the large format patterned fabrics with heavy weaving loads, Stäubli presents the LX series, including the LXL Jacquard machine, designed for extra heavy load capacity. This model has 6144 to 16384 hook capacity. By combing two machines 32,768 formats can be achieved.

Automatic toe-linking device for a shorter sock production process
Stäubli’s D4S automated solution significantly shortens the socks production process. The D4S can be mounted directly on the the circular sock knitting machine which closes the sock immediately after knitting. It increases output and ensures optimum quality.



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