Home News Sustainability agenda should be the top priority: SAC

Sustainability agenda should be the top priority: SAC

Companies need to put sustainability first: Amina Razvi

It’s encouraging to see how many companies have put sustainability on the agenda in the last decade. But we need to make changes faster—and at a global scale—if we are serious about protecting humanity in the face of this crisis, says Amina Razvi, Executive Director, Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC).

“The good news is there are solutions to curb the detriments of climate change. But we need to act now. All companies in the apparel, footwear and textiles industry need to proactively and publicly commit to ambitious quantitative sustainability goals to curb the negative effects on people and the planet. And, as an industry, we must work together to share resources and information that accelerate sustainable performance”.

“Team and individual performance goals should include annual sustainability goals, similar to how performance reviews might include financial or operational goals, to incentivise prioritising this work. We need to integrate quantitative and qualitative performance indicators into our strategic plans and hold ourselves accountable to them,” adds Razvi in her article ‘Integrating Sustainability’.



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