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Technical textiles on a high growth path

Technical textile is gaining importance in the current global scenario as it offers easy-to-implement solutions for various industrial, household, and construction needs. The technical textile market.

Technical textiles usually do not use cotton fiber alone; they have manufactured both synthetic and natural fibers that are processed with specific chemical processes. These are high-performing textiles that have better quality and strength. The use of technical textiles is not confined to garments and apparel but also to medical and automotive. 

The disruption of supply chains after covid-19 disturbed the supply of chemicals used in technical textiles. Still, it did not disrupt the growth of this sector as the demand for medical garments including masks and gowns increased manifold. The Covid-19 pandemic led to a disruption in the chemical industry supply chain.

Technical textiles are superior to traditional textiles. This is the reason that the demand is increasing constantly for activewear, undergarments, and medical wear made from technical textiles. Technical textiles have better quality and functionality

The high cost of production of technical textiles is keeping a check on its growth. Manufacturing needs advanced infrastructure and expensive raw materials that result in higher costs for the finished products. A major restraint for the Technical Textiles Market is the high manufacturing and production costs of the textiles. The profit margin of the producers is very thin.

Experts are hopeful that with advancements in technologies production costs would come down paving way for the commercial use of technical textiles. Still, 6.2 percent CAGR growth till 2025 is on the cards.

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