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The EI report indicates that global energy consumption reached an unprecedented peak

Global primary energy consumption surged to a record high, reaching 620 exajoules (EJ), marking a 2% increase, driven predominantly by a 1.5% rise in fossil fuel usage, according to a recent report by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). This unprecedented peak in energy consumption also led to emissions exceeding 40 gigatonnes of CO2, underscoring ongoing concerns about climate impacts.

Despite the overall increase in fossil fuel consumption, there was a notable shift in the energy landscape. Renewable electricity, excluding hydroelectric power, saw a significant surge, jumping by 13%. This growth reflects global efforts to expand renewable energy capacity and reduce reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

Regionally, Europe made strides in reducing its fossil fuel dependency, with reliance falling below 70%. This shift aligns with the continent’s ambitious climate goals and investments in renewable energy infrastructure.

Conversely, India experienced a notable 8% increase in fossil fuel consumption, underscoring the challenges many emerging economies face in balancing energy demands with environmental sustainability.

The findings highlight a complex global energy landscape characterized by increasing overall energy demand, significant growth in renewable energy adoption, and varying regional trajectories in fossil fuel consumption. These trends emphasize the urgent need for continued international collaboration and innovative policies to achieve sustainable energy transitions and mitigate climate change impacts on a global scale.

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