Home Textile The Installation of Colorjet’s Vastrajet digital printer16 by Inka

The Installation of Colorjet’s Vastrajet digital printer16 by Inka

Inka’s Colorjet's Vastrajet digital printer16 brings colors to life

Inka, a textile design studio and export house which prints fabrics through the traditional block printing technique, has installed Colorjet’s Vastrajet direct-to-fabric digital textile printer to integrate modern printing methods with traditional form of printing, while also overcoming a few challenges. Vastrajet is a 1.8 metre direct to fabric workhorse.

“There was a need for certain different designs, which was not practical to print on block or screen. If we needed to print 12 colour print designs, we have to make 12 blocks and also employ 12 people, to print that particular design,” said Balram Jindal, Director at Inka.

“Digital printing has given us flexibility to print customised designs with minimum effort and at the same time is not labour intensive, but also offers higher productivity. With digital printing, we can produce a print in five minutes, and if customer is not satisfied, we can again print another design in five more minutes,” Jindal added.

“Colour fastness is one of the main features of our prints, which is vouched for by all our customers and so we required the same colour fastness and at the same time, also wanted the digital print to complement our hand block printing technique. I am pleased that the Vastrajet digital printer was able to meet these expectations,” said Indu Kapahi, Inka Founder.



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