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TrustShield™ for clinical environment, protection against surgical lasers

Laser technology has significantly advanced and become widespread for numerous specialties in the medical field.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö announces the launch of TrustShield™, a versatile portfolio of medical fabrics that can be used to provide protection against surgical lasers, chemicals and potent chemotherapy drugs.

TrustShield™ products were specially designed around growing market trends. The evolution of laser technology in a surgical environment has significantly advanced as their usage has become widespread for numerous specialties.

Although there are many benefits to using lasers for surgical procedures, there are also risks. Operating room fires can occur if the laser comes in contact with combustible objects. 

Lasers not only can cause fires but they can cause thermal burns if they have skin contact.

“Most surgical gowns and drapes on the market offer some protection from skin exposure to laser beams but most of them tend to be flammable, that’s why we made TrustShield™ Laser. TrustShield™ Laser was specifically designed as a laser resistant medical fabric that can be used for the construction of surgical gowns or drapes.

Having a surgical drape and gown that has protection against viruses, bacteria and fluids as well as being laser resistant, is a must in order to keep patients and healthcare workers safe”, says Mr Jason Beard, product platform leader, Ahlstrom-Munksjö.

A high level of protection is not only critical in a surgical environment but in other healthcare settings where harsh chemotherapy drugs are being administered. Handling and administering chemotherapy drugs pose a health hazard as most of these drugs are considered hazardous if the healthcare worker is exposed. TrustShield™.

For those high risk, fluid intense surgeries, TrustShield™ Absorbent fabric is the solution for the ultimate protection.

Our priority in the medical business unit is to deliver high performance medical fabrics that fully protect health care workers and patients globally. TrustShield™ is an example of how we continue to strengthen and enhance our medical product portfolio” commented Lionel Bonte, Vice President, Medical, Mr Ahlstrom-Munksjö.



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