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Turkey’s ultimate aim to become the “biggest” global textile manufacturer

Türkiye’s textile industry aims to become the world’s largest global textile manufacturer, despite facing challenges that have affected its competitiveness due to recent global crises.

Despite challenges like the February 2023 earthquake impacting key manufacturing regions, Türkiye’s textile exports continued to grow, reaching $28.5bn last year according to ITHIB. This resilience demonstrates the industry’s ability to adapt and thrive in the face of adversities.

The 5th edition of Texhibition Istanbul Fabric, Yarn, and Textile Accessories Fair, held in Istanbul, brought together industry stakeholders from Türkiye, Japan, Spain, and beyond. The event was organized by prominent Turkish industry bodies, showcasing Türkiye’s textile industry capabilities and fostering collaborations for future growth and development.

The event was supported by various entities including the Ministry of Trade, TIM, ITHIB, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, KOSGEB, and IFM. The involvement of these organizations highlights the collective effort to promote and strengthen the Türkiye textile industry on both national and international levels.

Türkiye’s textile industry’s determination to become a leading global manufacturer, despite facing challenges and crises, reflects its ambition and resilience. The industry’s continued growth in exports and its presence at Texhibition Istanbul demonstrate its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and international competitiveness. With strong industry support and participation, Türkiye’s textile sector is well-positioned to navigate uncertainties, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve its goal of global textile manufacturing leadership.

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