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US imports of clothing slip 22.81% between Jan & Sept

In the months between January and September, overall US imports of garments slipped from US $ 60.82 billion from US$ 78.79 billion, down 22.81 percent year on year.

When considering volume measured in square meter equivalent (SME), imports dropped 25.16 percent to 18.86 billion SME in the January to September 2023 period. During the reporting period, apparel imports from China declined higher at 28.13 percent to $12.75, while quantity wise, they went down 23.90 percent to 6.77 billion SME. USA’s import from Vietnam, the second largest source also showed negative growth of 24.13 percent to $11.06 billion and also declined 26.51 percent to 2.94 billion SME, volume wise.

USA’s clothing imports from Bangladesh also descended 23.33 percent to $5.77 billion from $7.53 billion from a year ago period, while quantity wise they dipped 29.37 percent to 1.76 billion SME.

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