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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Accelerating Circularity Project (ACP) in its ‘Global Cotton Report’

The report outlines the results of its trials to set up a circular textiles network in the US and Europe. Forty-three companies participated, including textile collection, sorting, fibre blending, yarn spinning, knitting, weaving, manufacturing, and retail.

The trials, launched in 2021, aimed to address gaps in circular textiles research by bringing together stakeholders to develop processes, relationships, business models and materials necessary for enabling the transition to a circular system.

ACP found the networks in the US were less well established. It took more than a year to find a vendor that would supply a material that met a stringent specification. All US feedstocks were sorted by hand with assistance from handheld or tabletop NIR scanners.

In the US, it found one supplier, a vertically-integrated recycler and mill, had no problems spinning the recycled fibres blend into yarn, but another yarn spinner was unable to spin them without additional processing.

The finished yarns were used to make jerseys, denims, and canvas, and they were incorporated into the supply networks of brand partners for final product manufacturing. Fabrics that passed the testing requirements set by the programme and brand partners were deemed as “repeatable”, attracting interest from both existing and new partners for expansion into commercial  programs. ACP will now launch a series of new trials aimed at further commercialising the materials.

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