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All-in-one scanning system for multi-head laser systems


The SCANLAB GmbH, a leading OEM manufacturer of high-quality scanning solutions, today announced at the trade fair form next 2019 a new scan-head for the additive manufacturing ago in Frankfurt. In fiberSYS, SCANLAB has concentrated its decade-long know-how in 3D printing and, with this ‘all-in-one solution’, also enables newcomers to the industry to quickly and easily set up highly efficient laser systems and scalable machine concepts. The compact scan system optimizes the manufacturing times for machine integrators and the process times for manufacturing.

For several years there has been a trend in 3D printing in the use of multi-head machines. The combination of several scanning systems with high image field overlap can lead to a significant increase in productivity, especially for large-area components. This relationship was central to the development of a new system design that allowed for maximum overlap between adjacent scanners by optimizing the outer dimensions and position of the beam exit.

With almost 30 years of experience, SCANLAB is one of the proven experts in the field of laser beam guidance for additive manufacturing (AM). In the new fiberSYS, this application know-how is brought together in one system which, as a turn-key solution, considerably simplifies the machine design. Machine builders can concentrate on the machining process and do not have to deal with the complex opto-mechanical structure of the tool itself.

The new scan head is designed to drive in combination with an RTC card and to direct single-mode fiber lasers with several kW power. The closed, dust-proof scanning system has a fiber adapter for direct connection of the laser and is equipped with an interface for process monitoring. The drift-poor galvos with digital encoders are controlled by a control electronics of the latest generation. In combination with the optimized mirror design, the system offers outstanding image quality and high dynamics. Thanks to a pre-focus configuration with integrated z-axis, the scan head does not require a f-theta lens, which reduces the thermal shift.

The new scanning solution for metal-based AM production will be available from the 2nd quarter of 2020. SCANLAB proposes optimal design when using multiple scan heads, but it is an open, modular system platform that can be flexibly customized.



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