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An interview with SPGPrints – Mr Roy van Erp and Mr Salman Hyderi


SPGPrints setting future standards of printing in Pakistan
SPGPrints, the textile, label & industrial printing machines manufacturer from The Netherlands, made an impact at DPS World 2019 with their latest digital fabric printing machines that promise better results, optimal efficiency, and lower production costs. The company strives to deliver total system solutions for their customers with complete printing systems and individual components.

When it comes to what the customer demands, colour and texture are what sell textiles. Also, as the performance of digital textile printers increase, demands for higher speeds are twinned with uninterrupted run-ability. SPGPrints’ high performance inks with design-in print head compatibility offer trouble-free production with breath-taking results. SPGPrints offers clean-running inks, reduced maintenance time and productive uptime increased. Their universal penetration fluid for through printing also ensures comparable print quality on both sides of the fabric.

Talking to TEXtalks, Senior Area Sales Manager Mr Roy Van Erp was optimistic about the company’s prospects in the Pakistani market. He said the company had always considered Pakistan one of the most important markets in terms of textile printing and it had always been active in Pakistan in both conventional screen printing and in digital printing. He added that at the DPS World 2019, the company was seeking to expand its reach into the digital printing market of Pakistan, there had been an increased interest in digital printing in the country. “So our strategy for this year will be to continue to roll out JAVELIN2. We also see repeating sales with existing customers, so that’s proof that customers are very satisfied. We will also continue to sell single pass Pike® in Pakistan as there is an increased demand for single pass printing.”  Mr Salman Hydrie, Managing Director of SPGPrints Pakistan told “at the moment, there’s a boom in digital textiles and everything is being converted to digital printing in the country. So, Pakistan is one of the most important countries in the world at this moment in terms of digital textiles.”

TEXtalks: How is the response to SPGPrints products after new launches at ITMA?
Roy Van Erp:
The response has been very good. We have made some improvements that the market was waiting for. The increased speed in Pike® was received very positively and also we see an increased market for JAVELIN® too.

TEXtalks: How do you see Pakistani market for SPGPrints products?

Salman Hydrie, Managing Director of SPGPrints Pakistan: We have sold single pass machines after ITMA. So to us, the response in the Pakistani market has been pretty good. People expect to make an investment with fast ROI which is the key at this moment to the business that’s being generated in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the most important countries in the world at this moment in terms of digital textiles.

TEXtalks: In terms of technological advancements, what are the customers’ demands in the current market?
Roy Van Erp: First of all, customers do not want to have any restrictions in designs. So they asked us for the technology that makes possible to print fine lines as well as nice gradients with the same printing technology. That’s exactly what SPGPrint Archer® Technology is offering them. They also need high productivity in combination with low running costs. So, the demand is not only technological, but also in relation to the services that we offer. That is why we have our own SPGPrints office in Pakistan.

TEXtalks: How has the visitor response been at DPS 2019 and what are your expectations from it?
Salman Hydrie: The visitor response has been slower than normal, but fortunately, the people who came are serious buyers and they know the products. So, when they come in, they already had an idea of what we do. They came with specific reasons and they come with the intent to buy. So, we had serious customers coming these days.

Asad Khan, CEO of Opera Textiles, which was the first company in Pakistan to introduce SPGPrints’ JAVELIN® and also uses Pike® machines. He was very happy with the company’s services. He said not only did the machines give excellent results, but the company had also provided several free-of-cost software and hardware updates. He said another of the company’s unique and attractive feature was that they offer upgrading services to all customers, new and old. He was also thrilled about the 2.5-year warranty period the company offers. He was all praises for SPGPrints, saying that their sales and especially, after sales services were excellent, with trained engineers at the customer’s disposal.



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