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Chinese companies taking keen interest in Pakistan textiles


Recently a delegation of 21 members from china visited Pakistan and showed their keen interest in enriching business collaboration in textile sector with the counterparts of Pakistan.

The Chinese delegation was led by Deputy Director General of Commerce, Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region- Mr. Zhang Shaoyun.  Mr. Shaoyun visited the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The delegation represented the garment, clothing, textile and apparel industries as well as chemical sector.

Addressing the audience on the occasion, Shaoyun said that Pakistan is the 4th largest cotton producer in the world while that of china is a primary exporter of textile products. For these reasons, both the countries possess great potential to appreciate each other and by their enhanced cooperation both can earn many benefits, in the international market.

According to Shaoyun, China is well equipped with modern textile machinery and technology and a close cooperation between the private sectors of the two countries, the textile industry will surely yield many benefits by the end of each day. He also added that by joining hands Pakistan’s textile industry will be able to upgrade itself and enhance the quality and productivity.

He was hopeful that this visit of Chinese companies in Pakistan will lead ways to new opportunities for both countries to join hands and work in a multi-dimensional economic direction. While on the other hand, in his welcome speech, Mr. Khalid Iqbal Malik, the President of ICCI said that textile products are the major exports of Pakistan and the government as well as the textile sector is focusing on the additional of valuable technologies to gain better results. He also added that the Chinese companies will be appreciated if they share their technologies with their Pakistani counterparts and work on meeting goals, mutually. Such agreements would be highly beneficial for the growth of the textile industry as well as the overall economy of Pakistan.



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