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COTTON USA™ Leadership Forum, Pakistan

The recently concluded COTTON USA™ Leadership Forum, organized by Cotton Council International (CCI), proved to be a significant milestone in the global cotton industry. Held on the 21st and 22nd May 2024 at the Pearl-Continental Hotel Murree Bhurban in Pakistan, the event brought together prominent figures from both the Pakistani and U.S. cotton sectors for insightful discussions and networking opportunities.

Global Cotton Industry Insights: The forum commenced with an overview of the latest developments and challenges facing the global cotton industry. Attendees gained valuable insights into market trends, trade dynamics, and sustainability initiatives impacting cotton cultivation and trade worldwide.

Focus on U.S. Cotton: A highlight of the event was the presence of a 9-member delegation comprising elite U.S. cotton industry leaders, cooperatives, and international merchants specializing in U.S. cotton. Participants had the opportunity to engage with these key stakeholders and explore avenues for collaboration and trade partnerships.

Discussion on Industry Challenges and Opportunities: Throughout the forum, participants engaged in meaningful discussions on overcoming challenges and capitalizing on opportunities within the cotton market. Topics ranged from supply chain resilience to technological advancements and sustainable practices, reflecting the industry’s commitment to innovation and responsible sourcing.

Showcasing Initiatives: The forum provided a platform for showcasing initiatives such as the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® and COTTON USA SOLUTIONS®, which aim to promote transparency, sustainability, and quality assurance throughout the cotton supply chain. Attendees gained valuable insights into these initiatives and their potential to drive positive change within the industry.

Expert Panel Sessions: An “Ask the Experts” panel session allowed participants to delve deeper into specific topics of interest, seeking guidance from industry veterans and thought leaders. This interactive format fostered knowledge sharing and facilitated peer-to-peer learning among attendees.

The agenda for the COTTON USA™ Leadership Forum was packed with engaging sessions and insightful discussions aimed at elevating the global cotton industry. Notable speakers such as Bruce Atherley and Donald Blome shared valuable perspectives. Highlights included welcome remarks by William Bettendorf, program review by Mazhar Mirza, and an icebreaker session led by Professor M. Tausif. Participants also benefited from sessions on industry insights, market challenges, and technological innovations. While panel discussions and quizzes provided interactive learning opportunities. The forum concluded with a reception and dinner, fostering networking and collaboration among mill owners and technical directors.

“Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and collaboration has positioned US COTTONTM as a global leader in the textile industry. Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge research, we aim to shape the future of cotton and continue to drive forward, together with unparalleled quality and versatility.”
Bruce Atherley. Executive Director. Cotton Council International. U.S.A.

Bruce Atherley. Executive Director. Cotton Council International. U.S.A.

“In the dynamic landscape of the business world, despite challenges, we’re committed to fostering collaboration to ensure decreased energy costs for the progression of the future of the textile industry.”
Asif Inam. Chairman. APTMA

Asif Inam. Chairman. APTMA.

“We value the enduring partnership between Cotton Council International and Pakistan’s textile industry. We foster strong relationships with our Pakistani counterparts through collaboration and shared knowledge, shaping a sustainable future together. Nurturing this bond, where innovation meets tradition, our goal is to push Pakistan’s textile sector to new heights.”
William Bettendorf. Director. COTTON USA Supply Chain, and South Asia at Cotton Council International. U.S.A.

William Bettendorf. Director. COTTON USA Supply Chain, and South Asia at Cotton Council International. U.S.A.

“With a rich heritage and a commitment to innovation, Pakistan continues to be a key player in shaping the future of textiles. Our collaborative efforts with different stakeholders and a dedication to sustainability are paving the way for a brighter, more resilient textile sector.”
Mazhar Hussain Mirza. Pakistan’s Representative. Cotton Council International

Mazhar Hussain Mirza. Pakistan’s Representative. Cotton Council International.

“Adopting more responsible practices is a common theme throughout the textile supply chain. As a resource to the industry, Cotton Incorporated invests in research and innovation to ensure cotton remains environmentally responsible, from the farm to finished product.”
William Kimbrell. Executive Vice President. Cotton Incorporated. U.S.A.

William Kimbrell. Executive Vice President. Cotton Incorporated. U.S.A.

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