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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Inditex takes a stake in sustainable agriculture start-up Galy

Inditex CEO Garcia Maceiras disclosed that his group has entered the capital of Galy, a start-up founded in 2019 in the US which is developing an innovative process to produce cotton in laboratories from plant cells.”

Agricultural startups are making efforts to make crop production sustainable and some notable agriculture startups to watch in 2024 include
AeroFarms – Specializes in vertical farming technology that uses 95% less water and no chemical pesticides to produce sustainable crops year-round (Startup Savant).

CarbonMaps – Offers environmental accounting for the food industry, helping to create sustainable business models using data science (Startup Savant).

Apollo Agriculture – Provides advisory services and financial products to small-scale farmers in Kenya, helping them improve crop yields through machine learning and remote sensing technologies (Startup Savant).

RhizeBio – Uses bioinformatics to analyze soil microbiomes, helping farmers transition to regenerative agriculture by providing detailed soil health reports (StartUs Insights).

These companies are at the forefront of leveraging technology to improve agricultural sustainability and efficiency. Brands are investing in agricultural startup to promote sustainability of their brands. The investment by Inditex in Galy could push towards its goal of sourcing 40 percent of its fibres from recycling and 25 percent from “next-generation” materials by 2030.

Galy describes its mission as “saving the planet by transitioning the world to cellular agriculture”. Its cotton product is made from using harvested cells from a cotton plant. The cells are grown in bioreactor or fermentation vessel and the final product is dried and harvested.

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