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Levis pledges to expand U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® involvement

Levi’s has pledged to “significantly expand” its partnership with the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® and has said its is the first brand to have products made with its cotton included in Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly programme.

The Trust Protocol certification is part of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol®, a sustainability initiative aimed at improving cotton production’s environmental and social impact in the United States. The Trust Protocol aims to ensure that U.S. cotton is produced in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable way. It provides brands and retailers with verified data on the sustainability practices of U.S. cotton farmers, promoting transparency in the supply chain.

Cotton producers enroll in the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® and commit to using best management practices. Farmers provide data on their practices and performance, which is then verified through independent third-party audits. Farmers who meet the required standards receive Trust Protocol certification, which they can use to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® certification is part of a broader effort to make cotton farming more sustainable and to provide verifiable proof of these efforts. It aligns with global sustainability standards and contributes to the overall goals of sustainable agriculture and climate action.

The programme collaborates with third-party and Amazon-owned certifications to help consumers identify products with sustainability features.

LS&Co has been working with the Trust Protocol since 2021 and said the tie-up has given it greater raw material traceability capabilities. Last December, Amazon added the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® certification to its Climate Pledge Friendly program, highlighting worker well-being and responsible farming practices. There are now nearly 2,000 Levi’s products made with Trust Protocol-verified cotton in the Climate Pledge Friendly program for sale in the Amazon store.

“Our collaboration with Amazon and the Trust Protocol demonstrates the power of unconventional collaboration,” said Jeffrey Hogue, LS&Co.’s chief sustainability officer. “This is a situation where the three parties came together in alignment on our values and desire to bring less negatively impactful cotton sources to consumers. Now that we have done the hard work together, other brands that are committed to the Trust Protocol can join us and benefit from Climate Pledge Friendly badging.”

The Climate Pledge Friendly programme started with 25,000 products in 2020 and has grown to over one million.

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