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Saturday, July 13, 2024

The 4th China & Asia textile & apparel summit is scheduled in Shanghai

During the summit, 180 representatives spanning apparel brands, retailers, raw material providers, and textile factory heads will convene to explore the textile industry’s trajectory in China and Asia. Engaging with industry experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders, participants aim to cultivate innovative solutions, foster partnerships, and chart a roadmap for collective advancement.

The summit will encompass extensive discussions on several themes. The first session will scrutinize policy, current status, and prospects, dissecting prevailing policy landscapes, market conditions, and future growth avenues while analyzing policy shifts’ industry impact and potential opportunities. The second session will delve into sourcing strategies and supply chain digitization, examining evolving dynamics in global and Asian procurement markets, optimizing procurement processes, enhancing supply chain efficiency, and capitalizing on digital transformation opportunities.

The third session will spotlight local factory operations, workforce dynamics, and technological advancements, showcasing cutting-edge production technologies, strategies for efficient production and cost management through technological upgrades, and enhancements to local factory and labor markets. The fourth session will explore sustainable development and circular textiles value chains, discussing recent environmental protection practices, resource utilization, corporate social responsibility, and advocating for comprehensive sustainable development implementation and circular textile value chain construction.

Participants stand to gain valuable insights into industry trends and best practices across procurement, production, manufacturing, supply chain management, and sustainable development. Networking opportunities with leading experts and peers will facilitate business expansion and the discovery of new collaboration avenues.

Key takeaways underscore the inevitability of sustainable development in the textile industry and the pivotal role of digital transformation in enhancing supply chain efficiency and flexibility.

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