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Third ITMACH India showcasing textile machinery

ITMACH India hopes to host largest textile exhibition

The third edition of the ITMACH India – International Textile Machinery & Accessories Exhibition is set to take place between December 5 and 8 and will showcase the latest textile technologies and machinery to the Indian textiles industry in Ahmedabad, Gujrat.

The exhibition will host technologies displayed recently at the ITMA in Barcelona. The machinery on display includes Picanol, a leading weaving machinery and technology supplier, showcasing its airjet Omniplus- i loom with Smartshed, which can operate at production speed above 1000 rpm and will be showcased working on denim fabric with warp beam.

According to ITMACH, the exhibit will be the largest gathering showcasing textile technology and meeting of textile professionals and policy makers in India in 2019. The exhibition is expected to host more than 450 exhibits and upwards of 35,000 visitors. ITMACH India estimates that the exhibition has the business generation potential of Over US $100 million.

The organisers said that because India has become the second largest textile manufacturing nation, the country holds huge investment opportunities to strengthen its position in the global trade. ITMACH India also hopes that the exhibition would also be helpful for the growing textile industry in the neighboring and South East Asia & Middle Eastern countries, which were becoming emerging hubs for textile, apparel manufacturing and trade. They believe that ITMACH India could play a vital role for the growing textile industry in India and in the neighboring countries and provide an opportunity for interaction with technology providers.



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