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Fong’s has focused on the development of automation technology


Fong’s Smart Dyeing Factory 
Fong’s has focused on the development of automation technology for dyehouses in recent years. The need of the technology is obvious. Many dyeing factories, or I may say, many industries are looking for automation solution for their production purposes. Fong’s is looking for tomorrow’s technology. We are building smart dyehouses for the industry.
When we’re saying Smart Dyehouse, we mean all the equipment working in the factory are communicating to each other, controlled by a central computer system through information system network. It utilizes big data analytics and artificial intelligent technology. The whole system is based on a fully automated working environment. Which means an unmanned factory is the first step for the development of smart dyehouse. That’s why Fong’s developed many automation solutions to the operation of the dyeing equipment in recent years. We are also developing big data analytics projects, too. In the following, I am going to tell more about our automation solutions, including central control system, package dyeing, piece dyeing and chemical dispensing systems.

We have developed a new central control system called SmartCentre. SmartCentre can organize all the tasks within a dyeing factory and generates necessary reports upon request. It receives order information from the ERP system and arranges production schedules on the dyeing machines automatically. It directs the auto dispensing system to output appropriate amount of chemicals to corresponding dyeing machine according to specific batch order. It drives the AGVs in the workshop to deliver fabrics or necessities among machines and facilities inside the factory.

For package dyeing factories, we understand it is a very workforce demanded part for loading packages into the carrier before it can be processed in the dyeing vessel. The automated loading machines available in the market require large installation space occupancy. Where it is still difficult to get a satisfactory working efficiency. That’s why we have developed the LOBOWIN, an innovative design of automatic package loading machine. The uniqueness of the machine is promoted by its efficiency. Loading time is obviously reduced by minimizing the travelling distance between picking and dropping packages. The loading process is continuous which gives no pause between packages or spindles.

For piece dyeing factories, we have enhanced the automatic experience in stenter operation. Starting from the feeding entrance of the stenter, the automatic loading clamper can replaces human worker for bringing fabric rolls and sewing it to connect to the fabric tail at upstream. The loading clamper can determine and rectify the direction of the fabric roll.

This can make sure every time when the fabric roll rotates, the fabric end opening can be fed into a suitable position and the robot clamper can pick it up for loading and sewing to connect to the upstream fabric tail. The core of the fabric roll will be collected into a box which will be collected by AGV when the containing level triggers an order to the central control system. The edges of the open width fabric loaded into a stenter should be pinned onto the 2 sides of the conveying channel. However, sometimes they are not perfectly pinned because of the shape of the fabric or mis-alignment. An inspection robot connecting on the conveyor monitors the status and re-pin the fabric to a suitable position when necessary, prevents pauses and human interruption. Fabric coming out from the stenter after treatment is collected by a trolley there underneath the outlet of the stenter. Our sensors monitor the feeding condition and count for a suitable position on the fabric to cut and separate according to the batch requirements. Moreover, the inspection can be done by some cameras aligned here as a quality control and a feedback for collecting necessary information for big data analysis which helps in improving dyeing quality and intelligent control of dyeing operations.

Another important thing in a dyeing factory is about the chemical material handling. Dyestuff and chemical additives are necessary for dyeing. The amount is obvious and often cost human resource in delivering them between the stocking and dosing tanks of the dyeing machines. Fong’s delivers comprehensive central dispensing system for dyeing chemicals. The ALC automatic liquid chemical measuring and dispensing system measures accurately the required amount with a unique mass flow meter. The SPD and APD automatic powder dyestuff weighting, dissolving and dispensing system replace human operation and eliminate mistakes made by workers. The APC automatic powder chemical measuring and dispensing system created a whole new delivery method for powder chemicals.

More and more automatic operation solution are still coming which would bring the dyeing and finishing industry into a new level of smart and intelligent operation. We have a showroom located at Zhongshan, Guangdong, demonstrating the just mentioned technologies. And we also have a new centre there building at Xiaoxing specialized in providing most immediate support and automation solution to hundred dyehouses there nearby. I would like to say thank you for your listening and understanding of what we shared today in dyeing automation. Soon we can realise an unmanned factory and hope we can enjoy the advanced technology in the dyeing and finishing industry.



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