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Loepfe with latest innovations at ITMA 2019


Labmaster yarn map 5-in-1 yarn testing
– All-in-one textile laboratories for the whole spinning and preparation process.
– Tests automatically for highest efficiency.
– Reduces yarn testing time by 20% through integration of 4 sensors and synchronized measurement sequences.
– Measures sliver and roving simultaneously to the automatic yarn test due to an additional capacitive sensor.
– Cuts laboratory space, maintenance and operator staff by half.
– Allows 2 times higher capacity utilization of the instrument through an additional capacitive sensor.
– Eliminates operator attendance during yarn measurement completely.
– Provides a single-selection or combination of all 4 yarn test modules.
– Needs only one-time preparation and identification of a yarn sample for all measurements.
– Tests all yarn parameters such as: Count, evenness, imperfections, hairiness, periodic faults, strength and elongation.

Weftmaster falcon-I optical yarn defect sensor
Removing smallest knots, fluff and filamentation For:
– Mono- and multifilament yarns
– Carbon fibers
– All yarn colors
– Yarn range of 20 – 3000 dTex
– Yarn speed up to 30 meters/second
– Detects knots, fluff and filamentation
– Allows easy handling with intuitive user interface and a chemical resistant housing
– Ensures suitable settings with 9 different sensitivity levels
– Provides automatic or manual sensitivity setting
– Makes installation and setup quick and easy
– Uses simple standard industrial connector
– Provides signals with a PNP and NPN output
– Provides processor controlled optical detection

Weftmaster cut-iT thermal fabric cutting
WeftMaster CUT-iT is the ideal fabric cutter system for thermal cutting from thin and light to dense and heavy synthetic fabrics. All applications with a high quality demand benefit from this innovative solution.
– Perfect results for sensitive and finest fabrics such as medical filters and screen printing meshes.
– Constant high-quality selvedges for dense or heavy fab­rics like carpet backings, airbags, geotextiles and 3D.
– Precise performance for maximum safety at fast machine starts and stops.
– Cuts coarse fabrics into numerous ribbons thanks to Client-Server functionality.
10 user-defined settings are addable to the 5 predefined.
– One control unit operates up to four hot wire cutters at highest power.
– Over 100 hot wire cutters can be controlled in Cli­ent-Server mode.
– Easy retrofit solution for all weaving machine types and WeftMaster TC1.
– Runs from industry standard 24V power supply.

Yarnmaster EOS precise yarn clearer
Optical precision with an all-round view for all open-end spinning mills
– Online detection of:
Thick and thin places
Sliver faults
CV% off-standard
Yarn count faults
Moiré effects
Spectrogram analysis
Defect classification
Imperfections (IPI)
Cluster faults
– Controls reliably the quality for the wide range of Ne 3 to Ne 100
– Guarantees 100% online quality assurance without complex laboratory measurements
– Allows a maximum of machine efficiency
– Provides an intuitive user interface for advanced yarn clearer functions.

Yarnmaster prisma
The new YarnMaster yarn clearer generation PRISMA astonishes everyone with its innovative fusion of sensor technologies.
The YarnMaster PRISMA world has a new integrated function: the MillMaster TOP management system for analysing and optimizing yarn quality.

A world of sensors first time ever
YarnMaster PRISMA combines established sensor technologies for the first time in one device.
– Optical Infrared ( D )
– Mass ( M )
– Optical RGB ( F )
– Triboelectric ( P )
This world first sets the benchmark and increases the productivity and efficiency.

A world first dm sensor – dual measurement for basic clearing.
Two dominant sensor technologies are integrated into one single sensing head. This unconventional approach to use an optical and a mass sensor, functioning in perfect harmony, offers unprecedented possibilities and new levels of precision in yarn clearing.With the intelligent fusion of the two sensor technologies, all technology-based advantages of both sensors are at your disposal and consolidated for your advantage. YarnMaster PRISMA yarn clearers backed with DM sensor technology – ready for any challenge and ensuring an economic production without compromising on quality!

A world of colors rgb f-sensor – the full spectrum of light.

YarnMaster PRISMA takes once again the leading role in foreign matter clearing. The all-new RGB F-sensor illuminates the yarn in the full spectrum of light. Enabling so the recognition of the smallest shade and glossiness differences in any type of yarn and color and mixtures thereof. Thus, a today required new milestone for contamination control during winding is set.

A world of uniqueness p4 sensor – the invisible becomes visible.
The reliable detection of white and transparent polypropylene is a most difficult task in yarn clearing and requires a creative solution!
– Mastering the triboelectric effect
– Evaluate the signal of a electric charge difference generated by different raw materials during the winding process.
– YarnMaster PRISMA yarn clearers incorporated with the new generation of P4-sensors complements the unique approach of Loepfe’s unconventional yarn clearing concept of total quality control in the winding process
Four sensor technologies interact intelligently and ensure unprecedented fault visibility and data quality.

A world of connectivity easier than ever A world of comfort
PRISMA GUI – Easy and intuitive operation.
The heart of the YarnMaster PRISMA yarn clearing concept is the simple and intuitive new PRISMA operating system. Easy operating and navigation controls ensure a high user acceptance and productivity.  The menu guidance by an intelligent wizard enables a straightforward and intuitive operation of the comprehensive information provided by the
innovative new YarnMaster PRISMA operating concept.
With the intelligent settings assistant, you can continually optimize processes and make them more efficient.

A world of digitalization
Millmaster top 2.0 – connects and informs
Effective online quality management is one of the key success factors for winding and open-end spinning machines today.
Loepfe allows you to analyze yarn quality more easily than ever and to evaluate data individually.
– Our data management cockpit has never been easier to operate.
– Intuitive and consistently focused on benefits.



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